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This summer I had the pleasure of attending the GCLS (Golden Crown Literary Society) Convention. While there, I participated in an autograph session where it was my pleasure to sit next to Lila Bruce. We had a chance to chat about writing and I learned a bit about her latest venture into audible books. I asked her to continue our conversation here on my website. I hope you will enjoy getting to know more about her as much as I did.

AJ: Welcome, Lila. Did you enjoy the GCLS experience? What was your favorite event/activity there?

I did, thanks. This was my second time going. I love just being around friends—some that I haven’t seen in a year and some that I’d only ever spoken to online—and getting to hear and talk about books. What’s not to love about that?  The panels were all really good.

My favorite event?  I don’t know, there so many. I would probably say listening to the two speakers would top my list. Rachel Spangler was outstanding. And Fay Jacobs—I love her to pieces. I saw her one woman show last year and it was fabulous. Both of these women have the unique ability, I think, to make you laugh and think at the same time.

AJ: This was my first GCLS Con.  I especially enjoyed meeting some of the authors I have interviewed. Tell us about your book(s).

Well, I write contemporary romances primarily set in and around the South. I have four (one of those is a really short novella) and am currently working on finishing up my fifth book. I like a strong woman who knows what she wants and try to make my characters live up to that ideal. They tend to be a tad bit neurotic from time to time, but I think that’s my influence creeping out in them. And a happy ending. I aim for a happy ending, or at least a happy for now ending in my books.

AJ: Tell us more about your most recent release.

The book is called Little Lies, and it’s a little bit of a departure from some of my others. This one is more of an action/thriller than my previous books. The story revolves around Lia Broderick, an accountant who lives pretty much just your ordinary, mundane, 9 to 5 life, and Dylan McKenzie, an FBI agent assigned to keep Lia under surveillance. It turns out the FBI is searching for Lia’s ex-husband—the one she was married to for a minute right after college when she was still questioning her sexuality—and they have reason to believe that he’s going to try to make contact with her. Dylan bumps into Lia at a bank robbery and ends up saving her life, which in turn leads Dylan to going “undercover” as Lia’s new best friend. But, because this is a romance, you know that that’s not going to last very long. Oh, and add in the mob, a car chase, and a shoot-out or two.

It’s in edits right now and should be ready to go by the first of October. That’s one of the perks of self-publishing, that I can set my own time-table on things.

How did you start writing? Were you good at creative writing in school?

I started writing way back in elementary school. My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Kelb, had us do a writing assignment where we created an adventure story ala The Iliad, but with characters our own age. While I loved to read, I had never thought about or attempted to write anything before that time. That got me hooked.

AJ: You are stuck in an elevator with a famous person, who would you like it to be? What’s the name of the person who invented the elevator?

My honest answer would be that guy so he could fix it and get us out of there. I have a deep dislike of small spaces.

AJ: What’s something few people know about you?

Honestly, there’s probably a lot of things a lot of people don’t know about me. I tend to be kind of a private person.

That said, one thing would be that I’m deaf in one ear. Totally, completely, stone. I had meningitis when was six and lost hearing in my right ear. I’ve always hated wearing a hearing aid, so most people don’t pick up on it. I get along just fine with just the one good ear. The downside of that, however, is that every so often someone will be standing on my right side, just talking away, and end up thinking that I’m ignoring them. I had an ex that used to always say that my “bad ear” would switch sides depending on whether or not I had any interest in what she was saying. J

AJ: What do you do you relax?

I write. It’s a nice escape from the evil day job.

Outside of that, I spend my fair share of time at the casinos in North Carolina and Mississippi. I play a mean slot machine, if I do say so myself.

AJ: I enjoy the one armed bandit myself, not always with the results I’d prefer.

If you were to write a book about yourself what would you name it?

Oh, that’s a good question. You know, the titles of all my books come from song titles. So, keeping in that vein, I would say my book title would be Stand in the Light (a song by Jordan Smith).

What are you totally (you just can't help yourself) addicted to?

Key lime pie.  Lord knows I don’t need it, but I can never pass up a slice of it. Especially when it has that really good graham cracker crust and made with real limes and not the artificial stuff.  That and calendars. I have like six of them in my office right now.

Tell us about your book covers and how they came about?

For the most part, they are people-free. Well, the one for The Scene of Jasmine, my first book (which is the really short novella) does have a couple on it. That was, like I said, my first go-round and at the time I felt like it needed to have a cover that said, “Oh, look at me, I’m a lesbian romance”, if you know what I mean.

My other books…well, I wanted my covers to represent more the feel of the story than anything else.  That actually came about because when I’m writing a book, I always have a mental picture of the characters. I wanted to leave it to the reader to imagine what, for example, Quinn from Falling Slowly looks like for themselves. The exception to that would be on my latest novel, Little Lies. When I was scrolling through the stock photo sites, I came across a picture and just had to stop right there because it was my main character Dylan. I couldn’t not use it.

Can you give us an interesting fun fact about one of your books?

Interesting fun fact… Well, a few of the characters in my book Love Bites are not fictional. Moose and Elvis, the two four-legged MC’s of the book were written after my basset hound Elvis and my friend Midnight Malone’s dachshund Moose. That’s actually how that book came to be— M2 and I were eating lunch one day, talking about my books and our dogs. She mentioned that her dachshund Moose must fancy himself a starring role in his own romance book since he seemed determine to run off every potential love interest she’s ever brought near him (hers, not his). I went home and kept thinking about what she’d said and the rest, as they say, is history.

Do you have any pets?

I do. I have a cat named Chuck, a new Australian Shepherd puppy named Barrett (As in Elizabeth Barrett Browning, my favorite poet), and then my basset hounds Scout and Elvis.

At the Con you told me that you have recorded one of your books. (I think you said it was one…feel free to tell about more than one.) Tell us about the book and a bit about that experience, and where can we can find it.

I did, you’re right. Falling Slowly is the one that’s in audiobook right now. I decided to go with that book because it’s always been my favorite. I just enjoyed writing the characters and felt like they meshed really well on the pages.

So anyway, I did the audiobook through Amazon’s Audible division. There’s a couple of different ways go about it, but I went the route of putting the book up for audition. I was actually surprised by the number of people that “read” for the book. I finally narrowed it down to the two narrators that I liked the best, picked the one for reasons that are maybe too embarrassing to say, and that was it. It took a couple months to produce, and I’m really happy with the end product. It’s available through Audible, or at Amazon—just go to the book’s page and there’s a link to purchase the audiobook there.

Thank you so much for this interview. If you want to know more about Lila or her books, she can be reached here:

My website:

Twitter: @AuthorLilaBruc



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