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I have had the pleasure of reading several of Susan X Meagher’s stories, most recently All That Matters. As with all her other novels, I very much enjoyed it. When I wrote to tell her I’d enjoyed it, I took the opportunity to ask for an interview and she graciously accepted. Welcome Susan.


SXM-Thanks for asking me. I love to talk about writing, so I’m always up for an interview.

AJ: Tell us a little about yourself.

Susan X Meagher


SXM: My wife and I live in Brooklyn, and also spend some time on the Jersey Shore. If I had my druthers, we’d live somewhere colder, with hillier terrain. Vermont’s calling me, but my wife is a contract project manager, and NYC is full of jobs for her.

AJ: You have written so many novels. There are, I think, thirty-six published on Amazon. Your publisher is listed as Brisk Press. Is that your own company? If so, did you always publish with Brisk, or did you begin with a different company?

SXM: My wife is my publisher. What that means is that she does all of the work, save for writing the books.

I started with Fortitude Press, way back in another century, but they went out of business shortly after my first book was published. No, it wasn’t my fault! I’m very glad to have been published by them, as that’s where I met my dear friend Anne Brisk, who edited that book. After Anne died, and I was ready to move on, I decided to name my imprint after her so her name would be on every book I ever wrote.


AJ:  With such a large body of work, you must have been writing for a long time. How did you get started?

SXM: I was swept into the wave of lesfic during Xena: Warrior Princess. I read tons of stories about the warrior and her bard, but never felt I could add much to the genre. It was when I read Melissa Good’s stories about Dar and Kerry, set in the modern day, that I was compelled to give writing a try.

How about you? What sparked your interest in writing?

AJ: I was bored, and had read all the lesfic in the house. So, I said to my partner, I think I could write one of these stories. She said, I bet you could. And so began my writing career. I finished that book and stuck it on the bookshelf. It hung out there for many years. While I was cleaning one day I pulled it out and started to read it. It had been so long since I wrote it, that I barely remembered the story. I decided it wasnt bad and decided to try another. And another, andwell, you get the idea! Before I knew it I had several more written. Thanks for asking!

What is your favorite part of the writing process, Susan? Your least favorite?

SXM: I like almost every single thing about writing. I think it’s the best job in the world. It’s fun to think of new ideas, it’s fun to flesh out characters, it’s fun to start writing a new book and really get to know the characters, and it’s fantastic to write the final words of that first draft and cry like a baby. (I always do.) Luckily, I’m also persnickety and enjoy paring the story down with each subsequent draft. I even like getting criticism from my editor—after I spend a short time cursing the day she was born.

AJ: I hear you and know exactly how you feel. LOL.

My least favorite part of the writing process is getting the proof back from the printer and finding an obvious error. It’s so disappointing to have spent so much time caressing every word only to find you’ve spelled the title incorrectly. Yes, that has happened.

What’s your fave part, AJ?

AJ:  I too enjoy the writing process, the development of a glimmer of an idea into a finished story. But the best part of all is hearing from the readers how much they enjoyed the story and how theyd snuck off to read it, or got up early to finish it. Thats the best part.

Susan, do you ever go back and reread your own work? If so, do you find yourself with a desire to rewrite it? If so, what would you change?

SXM: I’ve not done much of that. The one exception is the next book I’m going to publish. Many years ago, I participated in a writing challenge from The Academy of Bards, then expanded that short story into a novel posted online. I looked at it a couple of years ago, thinking I’d clean it up and publish it. I was unhappy to find that I’d have to restructure it to make it flow better. I did that, but was still unhappy with it. So I started to work with an editor to tear it apart, piece by piece. It’s still the same basic story, but nearly every word is new. I’m struggling with the title, but it should be out by October.

AJ: Other than writing, what hobbies/interests do you have? What do you enjoy doing for fun?

SXM: I go to a lot of plays. I’m also a big fan of the NY Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera. We love to go out to dinner, and have spent many lovely evenings strolling around Brooklyn, looking to expand our list of favorite restaurants. In the winter, I love being in the snow. Being out on an empty trail, with nothing but the crunch of snow beneath my feet, is my happy place. Or snorkeling. Opposites attract!

AJ: Do you find/see yourself in any of your characters? If so, which ones?

SXM: Sure. All of them. I joke that I have all of Ryan O’Flaherty’s (A character from my series, I Found My Heart In San Francisco) bad traits, and only about three of her good ones—and I’m not saying which those are <s>.

To answer that question more seriously, I’d have to say that it’s tough to write about deeply emotional topics without having some sense of that feeling. So my emotions come out constantly through the characters, but none of them are based on me. I want to attract readers, not bore them!

AJ:  With so many books out, you must have an opinion on reviews. How do you feel about them?

SXM: I truly appreciate each and every review I receive. They help in a very big way; they can boost Amazon rankings, which draw more readers to my work. Given this is my career, and I love writing, I also like selling books.

AJ: Do you attend the conferences (GCLS, P’Town, Rehoboth, LCLC)? Do you enjoy doing readings/meeting the readers?

SXM: I’ve been to GCLS a few times, and to P’town fairly often. I love meeting and talking to readers, and if there was a way to have more routine interactions I’d jump at it. I miss Bard Con, a conference that regrettably lasted only a few years. That one was my style, since it was all social. Like a two day “meet and greet.”

AJ:  What is your favorite interaction with a fan?

SXM: I love it when I meet someone that one of my books really resonated with. That’s a high that lasts for a good, long while.

AJ:  Introvert or extrovert?

SXM: Extroverted, in that I love to meet and talk to people. But I’m also shy. I tend to wait until you approach me, then talk your ear off.

AJ: Adventurer or homebody?

SXM: Right in the middle. I love being somewhere else, but my wife usually has to light a fire under me to get me to go.

AJ: Do you have any favorite writing rituals? Favorite snack you must have? Pet on your lap? Etc.?

SXM: Not really. I don’t need absolute quiet or a certain kind of light. Just a working computer and an Internet connection to do a little research as I go.

AJ: With so many books written over a number of years, what do you think your books say about lesbians over that time span?

SXM: I remember having a character say she didn’t want a commitment ceremony because it didn’t have any real meaning. She also said she didn’t like to use the term “wife” because it seemed to indicate possession. Those were my feelings at the time, and they’ve changed completely. I think our community has changed most dramatically in that area. We no longer feel like we have to beg for a seat at the table. Scoot over, because we’re sitting down!

AJ:  Your work has obviously stood the test of time. You continually turn out successful novels. What is it that makes readers drawn to your work?

SXM: I’m not sure I know. I hope people like my work because it moves them or makes them laugh or makes them think. But it could just as well be the covers <s>.

AJ:  You do have a couple of pretty racy covers. Who does your cover work and where do you get your cover artwork?

All That Matters


SXM: My lovely and talented wife Carrie has done all of my covers. She snatches them from iStock photo after hours of scanning the database.

AJ:  Is Susan X. Meagher your real name? If so, how is it pronounced?

SXM: ’Tis. It’s pronounced Ma’ her.

AJ: How do you keep all your characters straight? (Obviously I didn’t really mean that the way it could be taken.) What I mean is how do you keep them organized in your head. Do you use Scrivener or some other writing program? Panster or outliner?

SXM: I don’t find it hard, probably because I spend a good, long time getting to know them before I start writing. It’s the same to me as keeping your friends or relatives straight. I do, however, use Scrivener. I find it very helpful in outlining a book, which I do well before I start to write.

Are you an outliner? Or do you wing it?

AJ:  I usually write down the characters names and little idiosyncrasies, like ear tugs, eye rolls, lip pursing, etc. I make note of hair and eye color, and other physical characteristics

Tell us about your next book you are working on. When can we expect it to be released?

SXM: I’m starting on to the third draft of a story about a pair of New York chefs. I hope to have that one out by May 2016. At this point, it’s titled “Chef’s Special,”but god knows that could change. I should amend my previous answer to say the hardest part of writing is coming up with titles!

What are you working on AJ?

AJ: Im working on A Journey To You, due in August. This one is something a little different for me. Its definitely still a romance, but there is an element of adventure in this one. Its set in the future following an epidemic. No, no Zombies. LOL.

So we have two books to look forward to. One that is unnamed which is due out in October and another due out in May of next year. That should make all of your fans happy. 

What is your most recent release?

SXM: My current release is Homecoming, about a woman who falls for an old friend’s younger sister. It takes place in one of my favorite cities, Burlington, Vermont, and I got to indulge my fantasies about living there.



Thanks Susan for taking time to chat with me. Readers, contact information and information about Susans books is below.

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