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Hello all! I met KC Luck at the last GCLS Convention in Pittsburgh. When I asked her if she was interested in writing a guest blog, she told me in October she'd have some exciting news to share so we waited until now to publish it.  I won’t ramble on keeping you in suspense any longer and will let you get straight to it. Enjoy!

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Damn, it is hard to type. My fingertips are numb. LOL. Of course, it’s seven o’clock in the morning and I’m camping in the middle of the Oregon wilderness in mid-fall so I should have expected as much. I’m settled in the backseat of the car now to draft this blog AJ was so generous to ask me to write, so I’ll warm up soon enough. Sun is up and rising, hitting the windows and that will improve the temperature quick. What the hell am I doing in the car in the wilderness on a random morning in October? Brilliant question. Welcome to the start my journey! As of two days ago, I quit my job to become a full-time author. And as of yesterday, I left home to see the country while I write. I guess that would mean today is actually more like day two or three in my adventure, but since this is the first morning completely alone and with only my wits to sustain me, I’m making it the official start.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Hello, everyone, I am KC Luck and I write stories about women loving women. Predominately lesbian-themed, but not everything in life is black and white and so my writing isn’t either. I just released a novel titled “The Lesbian Billionaires Club” and, even though it was far racier and leaned more erotic than my usual flavor of story, fans appear to be enjoying it. It was a lot of fun to write and I hope the novel is the start of a long and successful series. A few people have asked me already as to why I went so steamy in this latest book, and well, I have a confession. I like to read steamy and although there is some excellent material already out there, I wanted to add my own style. The idea was bouncing around in my head for a few months—to take the “billionaire bad-boy” troupe and spin it to be for people like me. A lesbian, I mean. I figured why not. The rest was easy because the plot is so far-fetched and racy. Don’t take that to mean there isn’t a romance in the story, and a little intrigue, because I made sure to build the story on an honest framework, but if a reader is squeamish about sex scenes… well, maybe the book’s not a good fit.

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None of which means I am steering away from the type of books which helped build my career. I am currently brainstorming and outlining the next three books set in the post-apocalypse Darkness world. These will include both old and new characters, so look for that trilogy to start in 2020. Plus, let’s not forget, the sci-fi series with Sal and Nat! Also still happening and a third book in their adventure is also slated for mid-2020. See why I had to quit my day-job to write full-time?!? But seriously, leaving the regular nine-to-five was not an easy decision. In fact, it is scary as hell, and I’d like to say I made the decision because the “timing was right” or some other sign from the heavens, but no. Truly, I woke up a morning a couple weeks ago and thought I had to do it or I never, ever would.

The trick now will be making it stick. I can’t swear I’ll never work outside of writing books again, but it will take a lot for me to agree to sit in a cubicle farm at a desk again. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a person working hard for honest pay, but I want to try a different route. Besides, other author colleagues who write for a living have assured me I will work far more than at my desk job if I want to be a longtime success as a writer. And I say bring it on!

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All of which leads me back to my car and this laptop and a beautiful morning. Wait, and Chester! I can’t forget my faithful companion on this journey. Although I am not entirely sure where I am going on this writer’s quest (although Key West has a nice sound to it) and I am not sure yet how long I’ll take to do it, I do have the constant company of my cat. He is a fifteen-month-old gray and black tabby. Amazingly laid back (he’s even been called “cool-cat” a time or two) and even though he was 100% indoors only until we started this trip, he’s learning to love the outdoors while in his harness and on his lead. Let me tell you, teaching a cat to walk on a leash is no small effort in patience. Luckily, I have time for it now.


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