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Passions of a Southern Writer by Ali Spooner

I'd like to thank AJ Adaire for inviting me to share a blog with you and to share some insight into my writing world.

August 1, 2019, the release of The Trophy Wives Club marked the publication of my twenty-first novel since I joined Affinity Rainbow Publishing. So much has changed in the past five years, but one thing will never change, is my love of the south. As I look back at the novels I've created, strong southern women are at the core of all of my stories. From flawed cowgirls to shrimp boat captains to paranormal characters, they all embody fierce protection for loved ones, close-knit family connections, and a love of good food. If you're from the south, you understand the importance of sharing good food, and many of my readers have emailed or messaged me for recipes. I'll admit to loving that!

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Recently, I read a thread on Facebook about including men and animals in stories. I found most of my stories include animals; many have men in positive roles, not as the villains, but strong supporting characters. I also include children and enjoy weaving them into stories whenever possible. My current work in progress features a young man based on one of my nephews, and a baby fainting goat named Molly, and my mini blue heeler Cruz (shown on the right).  If you know me, you know I can't resist those dang videos of baby goats. I can't believe it's taken me five years to include one in a story.

I come from a family that is proud of their story-telling abilities. My father was the best, but my younger brother is coming right along with his talent. Many of the scenes in my stories have a direct correlation to events we experienced as kids growing up in central Florida and later in Alabama. It's my passion to put those memories into written form to share with readers. Being a part of the baby boomer generation, we have great stories to share about lives so vastly different than today. It wasn't all sugar and spice. We had long days in hayfields or orange groves and chores we had to do before going to school, but it instilled in us many values that remain with us today.  

Many of my stories have some tongue in cheek humor woven in, but for the most part, they are down-home, hard-working, fun-loving stories. I have stand-alone stories and series for those readers who love a continuation of character’s lives. My most recent release, The Trophy Wives Club, is my second collaboration with my good friend Annette Mori. I really enjoy working with her to create a mini-series of stories and look forward to spinning future works together. 

Here’s some information about my latest book, The Trophy Wives Club, a contemporary romance released on August 1st, 2019. An elite businesswoman decides it’s time to stack the deck in favor of the fairer sex, and once she sets her mind to something, it’s as good as done. She offers under-appreciated professional women an opportunity of a lifetime with the proposal to work at an exclusive fitness club.

On the outskirts of Atlanta, lives of these women working at the elite club change. Friendships take shape, romance blooms, and the members get the workout of their lives.

Here’s a link to chapter one.

If you haven't tried an Ali Spooner book, I encourage you to check out my backlist. I dabble in many genres, so there is something for everyone.  You can connect with me on Facebook on my page, Ali Spooner Lesfic Author or email at I love hearing from readers and getting their feedback on stories, so drop me a line sometime.

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