Barbara Winkes

I’d like to thank Barbara Winkes for accepting my blog invitation. Although we’ve never met in person, Barbara Winkes and I have been Facebook friends for a long time. In fact, I can’t remember when we met originally, but I’ve watched her build her writing career over time, as I’ve grown in mine. 

Lately, I’ve seen us both exploring how to best reach readers and make them aware of our most recent work. Recently, I stumbled upon the idea of offering other authors the opportunity to write a guest blog on my website. In addition to being able to read some interesting thoughts from my guests, this enables us both to expose our work to each other’s fans. So when you finish reading Barbara’s blog, I invite you to look around my site and see what I’ve been up to with my books, and                       then head over to Barbara’s website to learn more about her and her books.

                                                                                    AJ Adaire


Here’s where to find out more about Barbara:  


Twitter: @barbarawinkes




 Adventures In Multiple Genres – Women Loving Women Take The Lead

 I’d like to thank A.J. for inviting me to her blog and giving me an opportunity to tell you about the world(s) of my characters. Branding is a term every new—and experienced—author hears a lot. It’s not about one book, it’s about the way you tell the stories. As a reader, I always felt most at home in a suspense/thriller context, where, thanks to the heroine, the bad guys eventually get what’s coming to them. You’d think that’s all I’d want to write. It’s what I write most of the time, but I’ve been known to wander. Readers who knew me before my first book came out where surprised about Autumn Leaves, a novel about a woman coming out later in life and navigating those major changes. The story of Callie and Rebecca soon turned into a series, but in between, I wrote the thriller Secrets which came to me based on a scene in a movie.

Was I on my way to focus on one genre? For a few years, I went back and forth between romance and suspense, until I started the Carpenter/Harding series. I always wanted a suspense series, but with these two characters, I didn’t put romance aside completely.

The idea of writing paranormal fiction didn’t cross my mind until I questioned whether humanity could ever have solid progress without the inevitable backlash. One day, frustrated with the 24/7 news cycle, I came up with the premise of vampires, witches and other creatures tipping the scale for women’s rights. It’s not a genre I’d write in often, but I genuinely enjoyed those characters and the extra edge they had over my usual all human characters.


I always believed that everything about the way we (get to) live our lives is political, so it’s no surprise that these themes snuck into my stories as well. Dystopian, utopian, urban fantasy, there always is an element of suspense and romance as well. The most important thing to me is, no matter the subgenre, that women loving women always take the lead, and there’s a “happy for now” at least. I’m not a genre purist or a traditional romance writer, but this is something you can rely on when you pick up a book of mine.


This year, most of my releases are somewhere between romantic suspense on the one hand, and fast-paced thrillers on the other. But writing wise, there’s a sweet romance and a dark drama on my mind, and who knows? Maybe somewhere, sometime in the future, I throw in a vampire or shifter again. I think that keeps in interesting.


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