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June 27, 2014

Thoughts on Reviews

If you've read and enjoyed a book, the nicest thing any reader can do for the author is write them a nice review telling why you enjoyed the story. Not only will the review encourage the author to keep writing, but your review may help others find a book they might enjoy. Reviews also help authors' rankings. They help authors get their books noticed. It's a happy day for sure when an author makes it to #1 in their category.

I would like to extend my appreciation those readers who have bought and reviewed my newest book, One Day Longer Than Forever, which is currently #1 in both the UK and the US. Thank you for reading and for leaving all those 5 star reviews! Thank you, I'm very grateful.

June 13, 2014

It's Here! (Well almost…)

I'm so excited...I just heard that, if all goes well, my newest book, One Day Longer Than Forever, will be released tomorrow, 6/14, on Amazon and Smashwords.

Dr. Kate Martin needs a vacation after a failed romance with her business partner nearly ruins her.

Lee F
oster is recovering from her first lesbian relationship that self-destructed when her partner moved several states away, leaving her behind.

Two failed romances, a double booked vacation cabin, and a blizzard…will fate intervene again and turn a passionate affair with a stranger, into something more?

June 10, 2014

1 Day Cover sm web

One Day Longer Than Forever is Coming

Ok, we're less than two weeks away from the launch of my next book, One Day Longer Than Forever.

Dr. Kate Martin needs a vacation after a failed romance with her business partner nearly ruins her.

Lee Foster is recovering from her first lesbian relationship that self-destructed when her partner moved several states away, leaving her behind.

Two failed romances, a double booked vacation cabin, and a blizzard…will fate intervene again and turn a passionate affair with a stranger, into something more?

Here's a peek at the cover. Do you like it?

June 5, 2014

Toby’s latest adventure. I thought the toys were beyond the little bugger's reach. It appears he thought differently. The video stops at an awkward moment...he was fine!June 5, 2014

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

New Book Coming

My new book is now in the hands of my publisher. It is tentatively scheduled for release between 6/14 and 6/21. I'll be sending out a notice when it's released.

cover and blurb 1 day

May 24, 2014

Friends at last...

Update...this is an earlier post. I've been having some trouble with the display of my website. I think I found the on this previous post were too large. Hope this change fixes it.

Since this post, Toby and Foster have arrived at a mutual state of tolerance. They can vary from growls to mutual grooming in the matter of a few seconds. Foster gets to a point he just can't tolerate being jumped on one more time and lets Toby know it. A few minutes later when Toby settles down, I can find them curled up together. So, I have hopes that they will be good buddies when Toby matures and stops being such a pest. He's growing like a weed and is already about half the size of Foster. He may end up being a bit bigger than our 'mature' guy. Never thought I'd utter those words about Foster, but he has matured. He has been a fine, gracious host to our new baby. Sometimes, though, he looks at me and I can read his mind. His thoughts flash across to me and scream..."What the heck have you done?"

Here's the previous post from a few weeks ago.

It's been a few long weeks, but patience is paying off. Toby and Foster are now making friends. We've been leaving them alone for short periods and when we returned home a couple of days ago, we found them curled up together. Amen! Prayers answered!

F  Tsm.

I've been working on editing my next story, One Day Longer Than Forever. Edits are finally finished and the book is being proofed. It should be in the hands of the publisher in the next couple of weeks with expected release in June. This is not part of the Friends Series, but for faithful readers who are wanting more of them, rest assured that they are all well and living happily! The new story introduces some new characters that I'm confident you'll find just as likeable as the gals in the Friends Series. As soon as I'm finished putting the final touches on the story, I'll post the first three chapters here for you to read. Watch for it. 

Until then, here's a picture (above) of my two biggest distractors. Toby has put on a pound already. He eats like a piranha!

May 22, 2014


My friend, author Cindy Rizzo, tagged me to contribute a blog post on My Writing Process as part of the blog tour aptly called #mywritingprocess. 

Cindy wrote Exception to the Rule and is a finalist in the debut author category of the GCLS.  Her story and her characters stay with you, and the book is an enjoyable read.  I'm looking forward to the sequel. So what I’ve been tasked to do is to answer four questions.  Here we go—

1.  What am I working on?

     I just finished writing One Day Longer Than Forever which will be released in June. Here's the cover.

In addition, I'm working on two new stories. I have two first drafts completed and am trying to decide which to publish next. One is called It's Complicated. It tells the story of a life interrupted by an unexpected event. The second is called I Love My Life. ILML deals with a perceived betrayal of a particularly hurtful kind inflicted by the lead character's twin sister. It may include a visit from some of the women from the Friends Series. I'm not sure which will follow the release of One Day. Do you have a preference?

 2. How does my work differ from others in the same genre?     Well, that's a tough question. After all, I write romances for which it's a given that the ending will be happy. Most books in the lesfic romance genre follow a pattern where two women meet, fall in lust or in love, and are parted by some misunderstanding or an issue from their pasts until they reunite at the end. I won't say that my books don't have some element of that; however, I tend to have the characters encounter problems that cause them to 'pull together' to overcome the issue rather than have the characters part ways and deal alone. I don't have huge conflicts in my stories. They are sweet and gentle love stories with happy ever after endings. I try to build in at least one little surprise into my stories just to see if the readers will catch it before the reveal or not.

 3. Why do I write what I do?     I retired early and felt a bit adrift without a job. I tried my hand at a number of odd jobs like doing layout sketches for a local realtor, tutoring the older folks in town on how to use their computers, doing computer support and developing websites. They paled in comparison to the strangest job I ever had, working in a bomb factory...but I digress. Nothing seemed to hold my interest until I went back to writing. Now I sometimes long for the old days when I was looking for something to do. Writing can more than fill the empty hours and easily steal time from critical and important tasks if I'm not careful.  I've always wanted to write a mystery novel. As to why I write romance novels, I guess I'd have to say it's because I'm not clever enough to write a mystery!

4.  How does my writing process work?    I'm not sure I have a process, LOL. My stories seem to come to me out of the blue. I get an idea from somewhere. Sometimes it's from something I've seen or read, sometimes from something someone says, or maybe a phrase will nag at me and I think about it. Suddenly there's a spark and a story is born. My stories are character driven.  I like to have the reader know about the important events or relationships in the lives of the characters, to get to know them intimately before they meet their new love. It's my goal to make each character memorable enough that, at the end of the story, the reader feels they've made a friend, someone they'll miss when the story ends. I like my characters to be people the reader would like to know personally. The friends series allowed me to follow a group of friends through the 3 novels and one short story. A core group of friends exist throughout the stories, with new characters being introduced in each book. My next story, One Day Longer Than Forever is a departure, in that it is not part of the Friends Series.


I’m thrilled to be able to tag as next two wonderful author friends, Eden Glenn and Laurie Salzler.

Eden Glenn was the first to offer me an interview when I first published my book Sunset Island. We forged an online friendship through that interview that I'm pleased has continued. You can find out more about her here: or through the interview I did with her on my website under the Interviews tab.

I read and enjoyed Laurie Salzler's books A Kiss Before Dawn and Right Out of Nowhere before I interviewed her on my website Laurie Salzler Interview here on my site.  Her current book Positive Lightning is ranked in the top 100 lesbian fiction books.

Thank you Cindy Rizzo for including me in the blog hop. It's been a fun experience. Read more about Cindy In My Interviews.

April 6, 2014

The Interloper is here!

Toby's Arrival


As those of you know, who read my blog, we lost our beloved Bailey in January. Here's the big guy with his best friend, Foster. Bailey is on the left.

We contacted Bailey's breeder...she's moved to Boston since we bought Bailey. We wanted another cat that carried Bailey's bloodlines, so we made the journey to get a new kitten. Four states later, we got our new baby. We were snow on the way up and we had a nice trip up. We stopped in Connecticut to visit old friends and saw some others in Massachusetts. So as crazy as it sounds to make such a trip to get a kitten, I take comfort in knowing it wasn't only to get him. He's very sweet and loving, smart as a whip and cute as a bug. Don't I sound like a new mother? Well, you be the judge.

Toby1Toby pillow sm

I was right, wasn't I? He is all I've claimed. Foster has mixed feelings about him. I think he's enjoying this little needle-toed interloper. I cut Toby's nails yeaterday to help protect Foster from the onslaught of Toby's pretend attacks. Foster is still a bit wary, and they've yet to curl up together. 

We're getting there, though. I'm looking forward to the time when I find them curled up together. Foster needs a buddy, and he's the only game in town for Toby. So, hopefully, Toby will realize it soon, as will Foster.

April 2, 2014

New Reviews 4.2.14

si sm webGot a new review for Sunset Island and for Awaiting My Assignment by Velvet Lounger over on A Lesbian Reads:

    Dr. Lindy Caprini has taken a years unpaid leave to write a book comparing fairy tales from around the world. With a grant and a small inheritance she hopes to be able to complete a book that will improve her academic standing and have time left over for writing her own fairy tale. She also hopes parents will read the book to their children so she wants to have it illustrated to represent the differences in the fairytales. Through a chance encounter with her friend Marie she hears about an artist who might be a perfect illustrator for her book.

Ren appears to have it all, a loving family, a healthy business running an Inn on a  wonderful private island. But beneath the thin veneer is pain; she has already found and lost the love of her life. She fills her spare time in the off-season with painting, photography and graphic design for local businesses.  She finds the concept of Lindy’s book intriguing and quickly decides that she would love to work on the project. As the Inn has plenty of space it also makes sense for Lindy to move in for a year while they work on the book together.

Both Ren and Lindy enjoy working together by email and phone. Both hope their friendship will develop while they work together on the island, but neither has any idea just how far their friendship could go.


Sunset Island is a charming and romantic tale set on a beautiful island in Maine where the two women with very different backgrounds can develop their friendship and their working relationship together.

Ren is a damaged soul who has already found the love of her life. She is struggling to regain her enthusiasm and zest after losing her beloved Brooke. Four years after the tragedy her friends and family despair of ever seeing the return of the Ren they know and love.

Lindy has always put work first and a series of unsatisfying boyfriends have not yet convinced her to change her priorities. Having left friends, family and finished her last relationship before she set out to the island, she is also at a turning point in her life.

The two women’s growing friendship is delightful to read. It restores faith in the simple pleasures that we too often forget in the hurly-burly of life. Ren’s peaceful island and the gentle routine the two women develop between them reminds us there is more to life than the rush-hour and the rat-race. Working together, exploring the island, running and cooking, provides both women with the opportunity to look into their own hearts and reassess.

AJ Adaire biogBeautifully developed, multi-layered people emerge from the page as the author matures both the main characters and a small number of family and friends. This is almost exclusively a tale about the interaction between the main characters. The other players, while well drawn, are essentially foils and triggers for our heroines development.

I read this as a precursor to AJ Adaire’s new novel and am absolutely delighted to have taken the time. This is a wonderful book in which almost nothing matters except the gradual development of mutual love and respect.

March 19, 2014

Three Books in Top Twenty


My Friends Series: Sunset Island, Awaiting My Assignment, and Anything Your Heart Desires are all in the top twenty in Best Sellers in Lesbian Fiction. Anything Your Heart Desires is #2, Awaiting My Assignment is #11 and Sunset Islnad is #15.  I am so amazed and grateful for the success of my books. Thank you to all of the readers who bought, read and reviewed my stories.

March 17, 2014

Anything Your Heart Desires #1

AYHD sm web

Wanted to say how appreciative I am to all of you who have supported my work by buying my books, writing reviews or letters to me to tell me how much you've enjoyed them. Anything Your Heart Desires was just released on Wednesday and it is already #1 in Amazon. I'm very grateful for all the support my work has received. Thank you.

March 11, 2014


Reviews are helpful. They help other readers and the writer in a number of ways.

Do you read what others have to say about a book before you buy it?  I do. I don't always agree with the reviewers after I've bought the book, but I do like to see what others thought about a story if I'm thinking about buying it. I depend on the thoughtful reviews that tell me what they liked about the book and if they'd recommend others to read it. I tend to ignore those reviews that say things like, "This book sucked," if there is no explanation or indication about what they disliked about it.

People tend to mark the book lower if there was a specific  thing they didn't like. Interestingly, I've discovered that the very thing that I am most criticized for is the thing I've gotten very positive reviews about on my work. For example, I've been criticized for having "a lack of conflict" in my story Awaiting My Assignment. At the same time, I've received notes from readers thanking me for not writing a 'formulaic" lesbian novel where the two lead characters meet, are pulled apart by some misunderstanding, then they struggle to reunite at the end of the book. My books tend to tell how the main characters unite to overcome life's little bumps in the road. Loss of a loved one and regaining one's footing, dealing with a life altering and career ending injury, determining if and when a relationship should end are all issues my characters face with a calm, quiet determination. They get through life just as we all do, one step at a time. Conflict? Maybe not, but adversity, yes.

So, if you're looking for a story that ends happily (after all it is a romance,) you'll find that in my books. There's also ample time for the characters to like then love each other. They have happy, healthy, and satisfying sex together, but it grows from within their relationship and avoids the one night quick grap and tussle type of involvement. It is something I've had many letters about, thanking me for writing a good romance with characters who take their time and get to know each other before falling into bed with each other.

I digress. The point was to remind readers to leave reviews. It's often hard to decide which books to buy just from the blurb or the cover. Leaving a review telling how you felt about the book and why you felt that way is helpful to both other readers and to the writer, as well. As a writer, I love those positive reviews! I especially love receiving e-mails from readers telling me how my story impacted them.

One final note about reviews. Reviews influence writers' sales ranking. This helps determine how long the writer's book remains listed in the top 100 in a category. So, if you liked the book, and want the author to be successful so she'll write more books that you'll like, help her out by leaving a positive review. And if you really liked the story, take a few additional minutes to drop her an e-mail. I don't know one author who won't be pleased to hear from you.

March 11, 2014

All in 6 months

Getting books SI AMA

What an amazing run this last 6 months have been. On September 28th Sunset Island was released, followed three months later by Awaiting My Assignment. In February the print editions of both were released. Today, March 11th, Anything Your Heart Desires hit on Amazon. The print edition should be out in a couple of weeks. What an amazing experience this has been.

Just to keep me humble, yesterday I was diagnosed with shingles. 

Here is a picture of the print books arriving.

March 11, 2014

Do you believe?

Do you believe our animals wait for us on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge?

Years ago I had a cat named Tucker. He was an Applehead Siamese who suffered from ‘short man syndrome.’ Never in doubt about anything he strutted through life. He became ill around 5 years of age and left us at 7 ½. He was a funny and smart cat. We called him ‘the man in charge.’ The day we took him for his final vet visit, we returned home to cry. It was a sunny day without a cloud in the sky. About two hours after we bid him farewell, a good friend of ours called and told us to hurry outside. We did, and there in the clear blue sky was a full rainbow. We knew he had arrived and had organized a rainbow for us to let us know that he’d arrived. We found it strangely comforting.

Several years later, vacationing in Maine, we went into a store there who sold Christmas decorations. It was July, a clear and warm day. We picked out a little ornament and while my partner waited to have Tucker’s name placed on the ornament, I went outside to wait. I sat on a bench and looked up. There in the clear blue sky was a bright and beautiful rainbow. We took it to mean he’d kicked some butt and had organized a display to let us know he appreciated that we were thinking of him.


For those of you who have been following my posts on Facebook, you know we recently lost our beloved cat Bailey. Before the vet came in to give him his shot, I told him how much I loved him and whispered to him to go towards the light and to find our cats who had gone before: CT, Bucket, Chips, Blue, Tucky and Simon. I told him they’d be with their favorite cat sitter “Auntie” Janet. Then I told him to let us know he’d arrived. That was one week ago.

Today, another bright, clear day…we headed for town and what did we see? Yup…a rainbow. I know some of you are thinking my partner and I are crazy cat women. Maybe we are, but we’re crazy cat women whose kitties love them and prove it by lighting up the clear blue sky with rainbows!

Novel News


IC sm web

I've been hard at work on my next story while I wait to hear about my submission of One Day Longer Than Forever. I have mixed feelings about this next story which I am calling, at least for now, It's Complicated. It's quite different from my other tales which are relatively angst free. I mean there are issues...there wouldn't be a story otherwise, would there? However, on the whole, once the romances get started, there are quite a few light-hearted moments, some funny bits, and a happy ending. The story I'm working on now is none of those things yet. Maybe that part will come as the story develops. I'm about 35,000 words along in the tale and am struggling with transitioning into what I hope will be a happier part of the story. I thought I had the story on a roll, when a severe case of stupitity on my part caused me to lose the last 4,000 words I wrote. What ever happened to autosave? I'm taking the attitude that I was headed in the wrong direction and am regrouping. I think it wasn't yet time for that part of the story, although it will definitely show up later. I have one line in there that absolutely needs to go into the book, so when it's time, I'm going there again.

Funny thing about writing. I always have a hard time getting the story going. I think I'm such a linear thinker that I want to tell the reader everything about the characters backgrounds and past events before the 'real' story gets underway. In my heart, I feel they need to know it all before they care about the characters getting together. My mind knows better, but there is that conflict for me in everything I write. I learned a lot rewriting Sunset Island. It was the first time I used flashbacks to tell a part of the story, a true learning experience for me. In writing, I guess, with experience comes clarity. Let's hope so. Sunset Island was the cause of some severe growing pains!

August 6, 2012

Tweaking The New Site

This is now the third website I've built. I first signed up with a different service provider and built a quick website using a simple template. When I finished, I wanted to add another page to the site, I was informed, "Oh, using that template, you can only have 6 pages in your site. You shouldn't be using that program, you should use (name omitted by me, just in case) instead. So I started over, built a really attractive site, and when all the information had been entered, I tried to order the pages. No matter what I tried, no luck. On the advice of tech support, I switched browsers, switched computers...all to no avail. So, I cancelled my service with them.

But speaking of gifts that keep giving, because I had signed up with a program that keeps sites secure, I couldn't transfer my site name. So, I paid for the name, parked it on their site, and went to another provider. There were a few glitches signing up with them as well. It took two days to figure out that my site couldn't be configured due to the fact I used the same e-mail to secure the site that I used for my first site. So, that domin name had to be deleted so I could sign up with a completely new name and different e-mail address.
At last, on Thursday, I had a domain name and a host for my site and all I had to do was wait for the site to propagate. Finally, last night, Saturday, my site was up. Amen!
This morning, I spent time creating a basic site. It's simple, but will hopefully do the trick. Do you like it?

Drop a line and let me know.

August 6, 2012

New Website

Just finished setting up my website. Just getting the site up and running has been a several day saga. More on that to follow. Hopefully, as I learn what I'm doing, things will be added that will be of interest. For now, I've started with summaries of the books I'm working on. I'm working with a couple of Beta Readers who have been extremely helpful in pointing out areas where I can improve my work. I'm hoping to submit the new and improved Sunset Island to a different publisher in a couple of weeks, and am working on final edits for Awaiting My Assignment. In the wings, waiting its turn is Anything Your Heart Desires. I plan to keep everyone updated here on how things progress from these early stages. So, stay tuned!

August 6, 2012

Tweaking The New Site

It's strange that as an author, I can't find anything interesting to blog about! Now that I'm retired, one day seems to be pretty much the same as another. Between myself, my partner and my mother, it's like different day--different doctor! On the plus side, that means a different restaurant for lunch as well! Today I am working on setting up my Blog. Hate that word, but nobody asked me, so blog it is. Anyway, creating the website has been a challenge, so it's fun for me. I invested in a little Macbook Air so that I can write whenever the spirit moves me. You'll soon see that my spirit is in retirement mode as well. I did hear something fun on Friday. A friend said she was not going to work that day because of a vision problem. She just couldn't see herself at work! Made me laugh, so I hope it gave you a chuckle as well. 

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