October 2014

Available for sale Oct. 2nd, 2014.


Hello again! This is my quarterly (or so) newsletter. I'm here to announce that my newest release is moments from release. Actually It's Complicated can be preordered today. Release date is October 2nd.

It's Complicated tells the story of Victoria Braningham and her partner Liz.

Victoria Brannigham had a guilty pleasure. Every day she would take a detour, sit on the boardwalk, and wait for the runner to show up. That’s where the guilt came in, knowing she should be elsewhere. 

Beverly McMannis was lonely. She was happy to become friends with her neighbor who lived across the street from her. It felt like they might be the only two lesbians on the island. 

Victoria was honest with Bev the first night they met, explaining that she wasn’t free. Bev promised that she could handle that and welcomed Victoria's friendship. 

Love isn’t always easy, sometimes it’s complicated...especially when it involves an odd situation where only one of the people in the relationship is aware of the promise to remain loyal to their commitment.

I do hope you'll enjoy my latest effort. As usual, I look forward to hearing from you after you've read it. 

Oh, one more thing...this is my favorite cover!

Thanks for reading.  



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