March 2014

AJ Adaire is pleased to announce that Anything Your Heart Desires is now available at Amazon and at Smashwords.

Anything Your Heart Desires is the third book in the Friends Series.

"Whoa--lesbians!" That was Stacy Alexander's first thought as she observed the group of women in the new shop across the street kiss each other in greeting. Stacy had been staring out her apartment window trying to think of a motive for the death of the character she'd killed off in her mystery novel. Ah ha--extortion! What could be a better reason for the murder of my heroine than being blackmailed because she's a lesbian? Now all I need is a lesbian to teach me about the 'lesbian lifestyle.'

That's where policewoman Jo Martin enters the picture. Jo has two rules by which she religiously lives her life: never get involved with someone already in a relationship and never, ever date a straight woman.

As Jo and Stacy collaborate on the novel, will Stacy want to gain a more intimate knowledge of the topic, and will Jo hold steadfastly to her rules?

Catch up with old friends Amanda, Mallory, Nic and Dana and meet some new characters in this sequel to Awaiting My Assignment and Sunset Island. Each is a stand alone novel, but best read in order of publication: Sunset Island, The Interim, Awaiting My Assignment and Anything Your Heart Desires.


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