June 2018

Obviously I’ve taken a little break from writing my newsletters. Wow! Has it really been that long? Lots has happened since I last wrote: I had a knee replacement; my mom passed away at the age of 100 years, six months, and one day; we renovated a house we owned in town, sold our log cabin, and moved to town. Leaving our lovely four acre setting filled with wildlife has been an adjustment for us as well as the cats. 

T & F

Speaking of cats, Toby and Foster are adjusting. Instead of the cries of coyotes and peepers at night, they’ve had to become accustomed to the sound of automobile and foot traffic past the house at odd hours. The sound of the street sweeper and trash trucks is still traumatic.


With no beams, like those in the cabin, to climb on, Toby has been reduced to watching television. His favorites are the Krups Dog Show and the kittens on Too Cute. Sometimes he’ll watch Nature or National Geographic…only the animal programs seem to interest him. 

New GDPR rules went into effect and I sent out a notice to everyone on my e-mail list asking them to rejoin to receive notices and updates from me. My list dropped to about twenty-five percent of its original size. So, if you are no longer receiving announcements about my new books, please click here to enroll in my new list. 

I do have one bit of exciting news. I have a new book coming out in the next couple of weeks. It’s called Match Me. It’s the story of two long time friends. One has built up an industrial strength resistance to ever becoming involved with a friend. Then, one evening, something happens that makes her rethink her conviction. Casey and Mica are two friends you’ll want to shake to help them realize what they are missing out on in their lives. This book has a lot of humor in it, and I had a lot of fun torturing the main characters by setting up roadblocks to their union once they decide a relationship migh just work between them. Here’s the cover and blurb. I hope I can make you laugh at the antics of these two long-time friends.

Match Me final FINAL Cover
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