March 2017


For an author I obviously have little to say, because this is my first entry since nearly a year ago. I haven’t been very active on my website, because I’ve been suffering from the after effects of my knee replacement. For some reason, anesthesia makes me lazy…well, lazier than normal. I can’t concentrate and my mind won’t focus on anything for any length of time. My cat, Toby, easily demonstrates a longer attention span than I do. 

On the plus side, I did survive the knee replacement. It was the most painful recovery I’ve ever had. They don’t tell you before they do the surgery that you won’t sleep for about three months in any periods of time longer than two hours. So, in addition to the anesthesia issue, there is the sleep deprivation to deal with. Anyway, I finally recovered. And, at last, the good news is that I’ll be releasing my next book in a couple of weeks.

I’m returning to my roots with Don’t Forget. It is a romance about two older women, together over thirty years. They met in the eighties when coming out to someone could mean being fired from your job, or losing a friendship. 

Although written about a relationship established in the eighties, sadly, this book is very current today, due to the current political environment. In many states, LGTGQ individuals are fearful of laws being passed that condone hatred and discrimination.

Here’s the blurb for the new book. I hope you will enjoy it if you choose to purchase it.


Don't forget cover final 150

In 1986, Jamie Parker falls in love.  What could be bad about that? Nothing except that the object of her affection is Val DiLeona, friend and fellow administrator in the same school district. If Jamie misinterprets that Val has similar feelings, confessing her affection could result in the end of their friendship. Then there is the little matter of the consequences at work. Outing herself as a lesbian could result in her losing her job.

Nearly thirty years later, in 2016, Jamie meets ambulance driver, Kelly, in a hospital waiting room. Upon learning how long Jamie and her partner have been together, Kelly asks Jamie to tell her their story. As Jamie begins, neither woman can imagine the impact their casual conversation will have on their lives, and the lives of those they love.

April 2016

I’ve come to the conclusion that, for a writer I’m lousy at writing a blog. I read the blogs of some of the other authors and am amazed at how easily they pour out their thoughts and feelings. In fact, I am barely able to keep up with making occasional posts to my personal Facebook page, and have even more difficulty posting to my author’s page.  One would think that with all the political hoopla going on now I might have a comment or two about that. Nope! I do have strong opinions, but don’t like to share them publically. I write lesbian fiction. Who cares about my opinion on who should be president? I read other authors’ books; however, I would be the last person to say you should or shouldn’t read someone’s book based on whether I liked it or not. 

I don’t post much personal stuff either. I share my life with my partner. Together we have agreed that our personal life is just that, personal, and we’ve decided that we will, for the most part, keep it private. My cats didn’t get a vote in this decision, so their personal moments are plastered all over my personal page on Facebook. I suspect Foster cringes when I post things about him, but Toby seems to relish it, because he is forever doing something worth sharing with the world.

I will share that I might only get one book out this year…if I’m lucky, if I get an idea for one, and if I get my butt in gear and start writing one. Why? Well, I’m blaming the fact that I had my knee replaced in December for my lack of motivation to write anything new. I find that anesthesia makes me brain dead for a few months after. My brain just can’t stay focused on anything for any length of time. No book, no tv program, not even writing can hold my interest for longer than a few minutes. In fact, I haven’t really read anything since my surgery. I just started reading again this week, so maybe writing is not too far behind. Let’s hope that’s the case. Some ideas are starting to tickle the back of my mind, so I’m hopeful that my next ‘blog’ will reveal that I have an idea and am ready to create again. 

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